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Russia Fades From Television News
by Kalev Leetaru
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Dhrumil Mehta & Tony Chow
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by James A. Danowski, Bei Yan & Ken Riopelle
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by Kalev Leetaru
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Protest coverage dwarfs coronavirus
by Sara Fischer, Neal Rothschild & Bryan Walsh
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by Oliver Darcy
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by Martin Pengelly
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by Nathaniel Rakich and Dhrumil Mehta
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Neal Rothschild, Sara Fischer & Alexi McCammond
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Daniel Dale & Tara Subramaniam
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by Jasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
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by Julia Nikulski
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by Michele Tizzoni, André Panisson, Daniela Paolotti, Ciro Cattuto
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Jasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
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by Neal Rothschild
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Astead W. Herndon
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Jasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
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by Brittany Renee Mayes and Kate Rabinowitz
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by Kalev Leetaru
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by Jasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
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by Sara Morrison
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by Geoffrey A. Fowler And Keach Hagey
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by Bill Carter
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Internet Archive TV News Press (943 results)
2020-08-07Quantifying the COVID-19 public health media narrative through TV & radio news analysisGDELT BlogKalev Leetaru
2020-07-29Russia Fades From Television NewsReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-07-23Person focuses every woman and man in America on his mental abilities via camera, TVThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-07-08Campaign 2020 Struggling To Regain Television News AttentionReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-07-02Fact-checking Trump's references to the anti-police chant 'pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon'CNNDaniel Dale
2020-06-20Covid Coverage Displaces Floyd/Racism; Trump's Star Dims TooReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-17Trump would rather embrace an alleged murderer than have Ivanka face scrutinyThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-06-15Why have Americans and the news media lost interest in the coronavirus pandemic?MediumKent Kroeger
2020-06-12How Cable News Is Talking About The Protests — And Why It MattersABC NewsDhrumil Mehta & Tony Chow
2020-06-12A semantic network approach to measuring sentimentQuality & Quantity JournalJames A. Danowski, Bei Yan & Ken Riopelle
2020-06-11National Media Coverage Of Black Lives Matter Had Fallen During The Trump Era — Until NowFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2020-06-11Acute crisis fading, attention returns to the chronic one — though less so from TrumpThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-06-05Pandemic to Protests: Coverage Shifted But Outlooks Didn’tReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-03Guess which cable network is talking the most about riots and antifaThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-06-02Protest coverage dwarfs coronavirusAxiosSara Fischer, Neal Rothschild & Bryan Walsh
2020-05-18Visualized: Fox's obsession with "OBAMAGATE"CNN Reliable SourcesOliver Darcy
2020-05-14Obamagate': Fox News focuses on conspiracy theory rather than Covid-19The GuardianMartin Pengelly
2020-05-14Distracted: Fox News Focuses on Obama as Coronavirus Deaths Increase | Fox NewsFR24 NewsUnattributed
2020-05-11Trump and his allies are much more interested in talking Flynn than coronavirusThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-05-05How The Media Has — And Hasn’t — Covered Tara Reade’s AllegationFiveThirtyEightNathaniel Rakich and Dhrumil Mehta
2020-04-29Biden vs. Kavanaugh: How the #MeToo Numbers Stack UpReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-04-22Trump and Fox News suggest caution on hydroxychloroquine studies (after one undercuts their case)The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-04-18Trump show dominates pandemic while Biden's voice fadesAxiosNeal Rothschild, Sara Fischer & Alexi McCammond
2020-04-16Daily discussion of coronavirus testing, the WHO and China (in the context of the virus) by cable network.TwitterPhilip Bump
2020-04-16If Trump’s coronavirus finger-pointing works, he has some allies at Fox News to thankThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-04-10Infection Count vs. Jobless Data: An Imbalanced TV PictureReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-04-07New White House press secretary downplayed pandemic threat and said Democrats were rooting for coronavirusCNNAndew Kaczynski and Nathan McDermott
2020-04-06Trump is betting American lives on being right about coronavirus treatmentsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-04-02What the Data Tell Us About Impeachment as Virus DistractionReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-03-30Fact check: Trump falsely denies saying two things he said last weekCNNDaniel Dale & Tara Subramaniam
2020-03-20Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-03-20The three phases of Trump’s insistence on pointing out that the coronavirus originated in ChinaThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-03-17The political and economic perspective of COVID-19Towards Data ScienceJulia Nikulski
2020-03-12The impact of news exposure on collective attention in the United States during the 2016 Zika epidemicPLOS Computational Biology Michele Tizzoni, André Panisson, Daniela Paolotti, Ciro Cattuto
2020-03-10The two reasons administration officials and Trump allies are linking the coronavirus to ChinaThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-03-03Here are the Democratic candidates who TV news has talked about the most in 2020Media MattersRob Savillo
2020-03-02Media Coverage and Coronavirus Panic: What the Numbers ShowReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-02-28Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-02-28Says Bernie Sanders “opposed Obamacare, didn't like the fact we didn't push a single-payer option.”PolitifactMiriam Valverde
2020-02-26With impeachment over and polls sagging, even Trump is not talking about Biden much anymoreThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-02-20Bloomberg finally upends the national conversationAxiosNeal Rothschild
2020-02-19In TV Mentions, Bloomberg Surges to the ForeReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-02-18How Elizabeth Warren’s Camp Is Seeking to Regain the SpotlightThe New York TimesAstead W. Herndon
2020-02-12Visual Narratives: A Fracturing of the Nightly NewsReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-02-03Fox News begins and ends its Super Bowl coverage the same way: Getting Trump’s backThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-01-31Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-01-30Their 2018 win was historic. What have these Democrats accomplished?The Washington PostBrittany Renee Mayes and Kate Rabinowitz
2020-01-25Measuring a Trump-Size Mark on the Cable News UniverseReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-01-17Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-01-17On Fox this week, Vince Vaughn and Lev Parnas battled for coverage dominanceThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2013-09-18Internet Archive launches TV news databaseColumbia Journalism ReviewSara Morrison
2012-09-18Let's Go to the Videotape: Nonprofit Offers News ClipsThe Wall Street JournalGeoffrey A. Fowler And Keach Hagey
2012-09-17All the TV News Since 2009, on One Web SiteThe New York TimesBill Carter
2518-05-01Trump’s win: We’re debating a ‘spy,’ not an ‘informant’The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-07-28The Climate Crisis Is Displaced By Covid-19 CoverageReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-07-27Fauci Back On Television NewsReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-07-15Authoritarian voters pushed Trump to victory. Can they do it again?The GuardianJennifer Mercieca
2020-07-14Mentions Of “Justice” Increase In Trump EraReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-07-06CNN's Covid-19 Dashboard Comes Roaring Back After Floyd ProtestsReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-22Juneteenth Finally Gets Television News Attention After A Decade Of SilenceReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-21Fox News Steadily Ramps Up Censorship Coverage During Trump PresidencyReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-17Podcast: Robots are the new recruits on the pandemic’s front linesTechnology ReviewWade Rousharchive
2020-06-12How Cable News Is Talking About The Protests — And Why It MattersFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta & Tony Chow
2020-06-11Flynn Case: 85 Lies, Contradictions, Oddities, & Unusual OccurrencesZero HedgeTyler Durden
2020-06-08Harshly denouncedKommersantIvan Lebedev
2020-06-05Column: While Trump blames antifa, a menacing far-right ‘boogaloo’ movement risesChicago TribuneClarance Page
2020-06-03Depictions Of Police And Military Soar On TV News With Fox LeadingReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-03Depictions Of Crowds Soar On TV NewsReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-03After Two Months CNN Drops Covid-19 Dashboard To Focus On ProtestsReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-02Antifa’s Rise On Television NewsReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-02How The Media Is Framing The Protests: “Peaceful” Gatherings Versus “Violent” “Looters”Real Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-06-02Television News Mentioned Protests This Weekend More Than Past DecadeReal Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaru
2020-05-31The Fading Prominence Of “In This Together”Real Clear Public AffairsKalev Leetaruthe_fading_prominence_of_in_this_together_494838
2020-05-28Trump and his allies aren’t talking about the coronavirus death toll very muchThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-05-21An important question remains unanswered about Trump and RussiaMediumKent Kroeger
2020-05-20Deaths vs. Economic Pain: Cable News' Imbalanced PictureReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-05-18Obama and Trump trade criticisms as former president wades into 2020 raceWJLAStephen Loiaconi
2020-05-15Obamagate' Fox News focuses on conspiracy theory rather than Covid-19YouTubeNews Time
2020-05-15Biden vs. Trump: The ad battle over China and the coronavirusThe Washington PostGlenn Kessler
2020-05-13Trump deepens ‘Obamagate’ conspiracy theory with Biden unmasking moveArmenian ReporterJasyson
2020-05-13Obamagate': Trump seeks to draw Biden into conspiracy theoryThe GuardianDaid Smith
2020-05-12The Internet Archive is warning users about debunked ‘zombie’ coronavirus misinformationThe VergeAdi Robertson
2020-05-09Who's profiting most from the coronavirus outbreak?Big ThinkStephen Johnson
2020-05-08Mentions of "testing" on cable news over the past month via GDELT. Incredibly, all networks have been trending down the last two weeks, but Fox News still stands apart.TwitterJohn Whitehouse
2020-05-06This clip highlights this the most.TwitterThe Election Center
2020-05-06Bill Ackman turned $27 million into $2.6 billion as the coronavirus ravaged markets. Here are 12 of his most insightful quotes.Markets InsiderBen Winck
2020-05-06Examining Trends in Moral News Framing Across a Decade of Television CoverageGDELTKalev Leetaru
2020-05-04Ad Watch: Trump’s ‘American Comeback’ ad uses words of media, Democrats out of contextPolityifactAmy Sherman
2020-04-29MEDIA BIAS, FAKE NEWS & CENSORSHIPFact Not Fiction Media
2020-04-24How COVID-19 Has Transformed What We Hear and See on TVReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-04-19Trump and Fox went all-in on a coronavirus silver bullet. But maybe the wrong one.The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-04-16Media's Virus Messaging Shapes Public Compliance, SkepticismReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-04-09Ingraham and Hannity have been talking about hydroxychloroquine twice as much as any other showThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-04-06The Trump-Fox News feedback loop now going after Andrew Cuomo and Dr. Anthony FauciCNNDean Obeidallah
2020-03-29Coronavirus Bulldozes the 2020 Race Out of the Media SpotlightReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-03-24Cuomo Rises as Trump Falls in COVID-19 CoverageReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-03-18Virus Coverage: Business/Global TV Was Ahead of the CurveReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-03-13Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-03-09Who's profiting most from the coronavirus outbreak?Big ThinkStephen Johnson
2020-03-06Coronavirus panic sells as alarmist information flies on social mediaAxiosNeal Rothschild
2020-03-06Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-03-02Pete Buttigieg blazed an LGBT path to the White House, and I'm both wrecked and gratefulUSA TodayMichael J. Stern
2020-02-272020 Presidential Race Steamrolls Nearly All Else in TV CoverageReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-02-27Trump Endorsed a Risky Antidepressant for Veterans. Lawmakers Want to Know if His Mar-a-Lago Pals Had a Stake in the Drugmaker.Propublica Isaac Arnsdorf
2020-02-21Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-02-20Bloomberg Surrogate Was PR Guru for BolsonaroConsortium NewsBen Norton
2020-02-19#WhereIsWarren? Voters Wonder At Candidate’s Exclusion From Polls and Media CoverageNow ThisVersha Sharma
2020-02-19The queens of agility: America’s most famous canine athletes race for gloryThe GuardianBryan Armen Graham
2020-02-18Elizabeth Warren’s allies claim she’s being ignored by media as they seek to reignite her campaignChicago TribuneAstead W. Herndon
2020-02-18Elizabeth Warren’s allies criticize flagging coverage as campaign seeks to regain spotlightBoston GlobeAstead W. Herndon
2020-02-14Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-02-07Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-02-03‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Paints a Familiar Portrait (With Some Doodling)The RingerBen Lindbergh
2020-02-02Here's a look at how coverage has shifted in the past week or soTwitterIri
2020-02-011 big thing: Sanders snatches buzz from Biden ahead of IowaAxiosNeal Rothschild
2020-01-24Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-01-20After Andrew Yang’s Wife Comes Out With Her #MeToo Story, Eyes Are On HimmitúLeah Scott
2020-01-19MSG in Chinese food isn't unhealthy -- you're just racist, activists sayCNN.comJessie Yeung
2020-01-15Marion Stokes Captured American Media Through 33 Years of 24/7 RecordingsSF WeeklyGrace Li
2020-01-14Data Underscore Brokaw's Assertion of Media NegativityReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2020-01-14Fox News talks about ‘cancel culture’ and political correctness a lot more than its competitorsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-01-10Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-01-07The remarkable extent to which Trump gets the benefit of the doubt from Republicans on IranThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2020-01-04TV News Has Mentioned Trump’s Golfing About 12,000 Times Since He Became President, 7 Times More Than ObamaMediateTommy Christopher
2020-01-04Trump makes 90 false claims during final two weeks of 2019CNN.comDaniel Dale and Tara Subramaniam,
2020-01-03Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2020-01-03Dear CNN: What parts of the Steele dossier were corroborated?The Washington PostErik Wemple
2019-12-24News Channel Chyrons Signal Diverging NarrativesReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-12-20Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-12-18Trump takes solace in Fox News even as impeachment loomsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-12-16Underscore Brokaw's Assertion of Media NegativityReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-12-13Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-12-13Why Is the Media So Obsessed With Michael Bloomberg?The NationEric Alterman
2019-12-12Trump’s strongest supporters agree with a key argument of his: The media can’t be trustedThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-12-11Horowitz’s report breaks Sean Hannity’s mantraThe Washington PostErik Wemple
2019-12-08Extra! Extra! A Climate Tax That Reimburses the Public! Why has only CSPAN and FOX News reported it??Advance The Dialog
2019-12-08National Treasure No. 1 Sungnyemun GateHansung University MediaWiki
2019-12-06Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-12-06A LITTLE - Many photographs are circulating on social networks in West Africa about the helicopter crash that resulted in the death of 13 soldiers involved in Operation Barkhane in Mali. However, no image of this crash has been published.La Chaîne Info Claire Cambier
2019-12-05Trump Dominates TV Landscape; Impeachment Casts Vast ShadowReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-12-04Trump pressured Pentagon to give $400 million border wall contract to his favorite Fox News guestSalonIgor Derysh
2019-12-03The Andrew Yang Media Blackout Might Be RealIndependent Journal ReviewIsaac Saul
2019-11-30Michael Bloomberg is off to an attention-grabbing startAxiosNeal Rothschild
2019-11-30Tracing The Trajectory Of 'Criminal Justice' In the NewsGDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-11-26Bloomberg, Buttigieg Rise Toward the Top in Media MentionsReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-11-22Unprecedented: Study tracks 223,598 Trump insults in the mediaThe Washington TimesJennifer Harper
2019-11-22Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-11-22What Fox was saying while other networks were covering impeachment developmentsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-11-22Looking back: Tulsi Gabbard’s Fox News presence in the Obama yearsPunditFactBill McCarthy
2019-11-20Behind Pete Buttigieg's Iowa riseAxiosNeal Rothschild
2019-11-19Trump Is …' -- News Channel Descriptions Since 2015Real Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-11-19Did Trump and Nixon Say They Attack Journalists to Destroy Their Credibility?SnopesDan Evon
2019-11-17Trump's Election Ushered In 'Elitism' – But Only On Fox NewsGDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-11-17Elizabeth Warren Coverage Emphasizes 'Medicare For All' Over 'Inequality'GDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-11-17The Media Trajectory Of A Presidency: 'Obama' Vs 'Obama Is/Was' Versus 'Obama Is'GDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-11-15Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-11-15When Did The Media Start Covering The Opioid Epidemic?GDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-11-15When Did 'Microaggressions' Enter The Media Discourse?GDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-11-14What you learned about the impeachment hearing depended on what channel you watchedThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-11-13Us' vs. 'Them': Media's Pronouns Have Changed Post-MuellerReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-11-11Women' Have Been Mentioned More Than 'Men' In The News Since Fall 2011GDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-11-08Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-11-08Epstein, Weinstein, Kavanaugh Coverage: What the Numbers ShowReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-11-07Trump made 50 false claims last week, 13 about the whistleblowerCNNDaniel Dale and Tara Subramaniam
2019-11-06In 'Woke' Era, Is Scandal Coverage Tied to the Accused's Politics?Real Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-11-01Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-11-01Fox News isn’t talking about key impeachment witnesses nearly as much as the other networksThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-10-30How and why Fox News fails to credit CNN scoopsThe Washington PostErik Wemple
2019-10-30Katie Hill Coverage: Victim or #MeToo Perpetrator?Real Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-10-30Trump's Ukraine dishonesty barrage continues. He made 96 false claims last weekCNNDaniel Dale and Tara Subramaniam
2019-10-30CNN did not call Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi an ‘unarmed father of three’PolitifactDaniel Funke
2019-10-29Does Donald Trump Even Like Dogs?SlateAaron Mak
2019-10-28Andrew Yang rips PG&E as ‘emblem of what’s gone wrong’San Francisco ChronicleJoe Garofoli
2019-10-28The Media Frenzy Around Biden Is FadingFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-10-26Jordan: In the Eye of the StormMediumKent Kroeger
2019-10-24Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-10-24How Tulsi Gabbard Hacked the Right-Wing Media Feedback LoopViceDavid Uberti
2019-10-24Fact-checking Republican complaints about the impeachment inquiryCNNTara Subramaniam
2019-10-23Fact check: Trump made 87 false claims last week, including 40 in a single dayCNNDaniel Dale & Tara Subramaniam,
2019-10-21The most loyal Trump allies are Republicans who watch Fox NewsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-10-21Bernie is under-covered on TV relative to pollingMediumBen Tally
2019-10-18Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-10-18Learning from cable news’ Trump-Russia coverageColumbia Journalism Review Baird Howland, Andrew Pasquier, and Brian Waniewski
2019-10-16Don’t let ABC’s mistake fuel distrust of the mediaPoynterPeter Adams
2019-10-15TV News' Impeachment Focus Overtaken by SyriaReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-10-15The conservative media are about to take aim at Elizabeth WarrenThe Washington PostPaul Waldman
2019-10-14Warren Has Recently Been Mentioned More On Fox News Than Other NetworksFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-10-11Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-10-11A Rundown Of Shep Smith’s Greatest HitsTalking Points MemoSummer Concepcion
2019-10-08Fox News Host Worries Democrats Would Get Millions In Donations If Marijuana Banking Bill PassesMarijuana MomentKyle Jaeger
2019-10-07Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Was Mentioned Most In The News Last Week?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-10-05Trump's Economic Message Gets Scant Play on TV NewsReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-10-04Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-10-04My Unusually Difficult Time Trying to Find a Specific Clip of Emily Blunt Doing an Impression of Tom CruiseSplinter NewsAleksander Chan
2019-10-02Border officials: Nope, Trump still hasn't built a foot of new wallShare Blue MediaJosh Israel
2019-10-02Tucker Carlson Thinks Congress Approved Marijuana Banking To Make Americans ‘Dumb’Marijuana MomentKyle Jaeger
2019-10-01Trump Scandals vs. Obama Scandals: What the Numbers ShowReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-10-01Government-by-conspiracy-theory rides againThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-10-01On Fox, Trump Is Not At The Center Of The Ukraine StoryFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-09-30The Media Mentioned Biden More Than All The 2020 Primary Candidates Combined Last WeekFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-09-30Meet The Pro-Trump Power Couple Helping POTUS’ Shady Ukraine SchemesTalking Points MemoMatt Shuham
2019-09-28For US and UK, the race to melt down may be too close to callCNN OpinionLaura Beers
2019-09-28On Television News Obama Got Almost As Much 'Scandal' Coverage As TrumpGDELT ProjectKalev Leetaru
2019-09-27Online and on TV, 'Impeachment' Mentions SoarReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-09-27Are the news media manufacturing consent for Elizabeth Warren?MediumKent Kroeger
2019-09-27Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-09-24Climate Strike Coverage Eclipses Hong Kong, Paris ProtestsReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-09-24TV News Archive automatically identifies politicians' appearances on news programs using facial recognitionBest Practices AI
2019-09-21Biden Already Dominated Cable News Coverage. Then The Ukraine Story Broke.FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-09-20Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-09-20How TV News, Online Coverage of Dorian DifferedReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-09-19Mainstream News Coverage of LGBTQ Issues Dropped After Trump Election, Analysis FindsGeorgia Voice Katie Burkholder
2019-09-19Research Shows Drop In TV Coverage Of LGBTQ IssuesInstinct MagazineRandy Slovacek
2019-09-18Media's LGBTQ Focus Has Dwindled Since Trump’s ElectionReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-09-18Fox News Versus MSNBC: Human Trafficking As Immigration Or EpsteinGDELTKalev Leetaru
2019-09-18LGBTQ+ People Erased From Cable News After Trump ElectionOut MagazineNico Lang
2019-09-18US news networks have stopped talking about LGBT issues under Donald Trump, analysis showsPink NewsNick Duffy
2019-09-18Report: LGBTQ Media Coverage 'Vanished' After Trump's ElectionThe AdvocateDaniel Reynolds
2019-09-17How the Internet Archive is waging war on misinformationFinancial TimesCamilla Hodgson
2019-09-17POLITICSNew York Gov. Cuomo Hints Marijuana Smoking Ban Could Be Part Of Next Legalization PushMarijuana MomentKyle Jaeger
2019-09-16Biden May Not Have Won The Debate, But He Still Dominates Media CoverageFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-09-16Fact check: Trump blasts media for reporting he'd meet with Iran with no pre-conditions -- but he said that, publiclyCNNDaniel Dale
2019-09-15Warren, Sanders Trim Biden's Lead in Media & Online MentionsReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-09-13Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-09-12Trump is, indeed, the king of debtThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-09-12Food for ThoughtThe Wall Street JournalLev Borodovsky
2019-09-102020 Coverage: After Biden, Also-Ran Order Varies by ChannelReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-09-09Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Was Mentioned Most In The News Last Week?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-09-06Climate Crisis': The Media's New Catchphrase for Climate ChangeReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-09-06Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-09-03Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Was Mentioned Most In The News Last Week?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-09-03Andrew Yang gets media cold shoulderAxiosNeal Rothschild and Sara Fischer
2019-09-03A Look Back At How Google’s AI Sees A Week Of Television News And The World Of AI Video UnderstandingForbesKalev Leetaru
2019-09-03Biden Leapfrogs Warren, Leads Media Coverage Once AgainReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-08-29TBT: Trump Just Claimed Lawrence O’Donnell Was ‘Crying’ During Apology to Him in 2015, But the Video Shows a Very Different StoryMediateMorgan Phillips
2019-08-28Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-08-27Says President Donald Trump hasn’t condemned David Duke and Richard Spencer.Politifacty Amy Sherman
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2019-08-23Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
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2019-08-16Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-08-16News networks are better at crushing (or lifting) outsider campaigns than they are at helping major candidatesMediumKent Kroeger
2019-08-13Fox News has no comment on its venomous rhetoricThe Washington PostErik Wemple
2019-08-13It’s the mainstream anti-immigration rhetoric, not the extreme, that’s shaping American politicsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-08-12‘Everyone Owes Robert Mueller a Dinner … For All of This’PoliticoDarren Samuelsohn
2019-08-12Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Was Mentioned Most In The News Last Week?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-08-12The two Trumps on display: Social media agitator, reshaper of governmentThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-08-11How the El Paso Killer Echoed the Incendiary Words of Conservative Media StarsThe New York TimesJeremy W. Peters, Michael M. Grynbaum, Keith Collins, Rich Harris and Rumsey Taylor
2019-08-09Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-08-08Cable TV news and Google are picking our next presidentMediumKent Kroeger
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2019-08-07Charting The Emotions Of Television News: A Look At A Decade Of Anxiety In The NewsForbesKalev Leetaru
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2019-07-29Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Was Mentioned Most In The News Last Week?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
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2019-07-26Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-07-22Is Biden’s Media Monopoly Coming To An End?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-07-22Using Television News Ngrams To Explore Linguistic CorrelationForbesKalev Leetaru
2019-07-22Using Ngrams To Explore A Decade Of Television NewsForbesKalev Leetaru
2019-07-21Mentions of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on FOX News, CNN and MSNBCCNNBrian Stelter
2019-07-21How Fox News fuels Trump's fixation with AOC and Ilhan OmarCNN BusinessBrian Stelter
2019-07-20Media Coverage of Anti-Semitism, Racism Rise in Trump EraReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-07-19Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-07-18Trump didn’t introduce racism to conservative politics — but he’s cultivated and amplified itThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-07-18CNN didn't tell us its supposed panel of "Republican women" were, literally, the "Trumpettes"SalonIgor Derysh
2019-07-17Why Trump’s tweets probably weren’t an effort to distract from the migrant campsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-07-15The toxic power of Trump’s politicsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
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2019-07-13TV News Highlights Immigration, But It's a 'Crisis' Only on FoxReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-07-13Chandrayaan 2 shows India's potential, but we need to make it the 'Kennedy moment' for our engineering educationFirstpost Shivaprasad Khened
2019-07-11Taxpayers helped fund 'Tonight Show' Super Bowl broadcast from MinnesotaMinnesota Public RadioBrian Bakst
2019-07-10Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-07-08Which Democratic Presidential Candidate Was Mentioned Most In The News Last Week?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-07-08Trump’s claim that he predicted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s primary win is almost certainly falseThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-07-05Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
2019-07-03CNN employee used network to push Trump trade agreement days after registering to lobby for itMedia MattersEric Hananoki
2019-07-01CNN commentator attacks green policies while his firm collects hundreds of thousands in fossil fuel-related lobbying feesMedia MattersEric Hananoki
2019-07-01Media Outlets Paid Way More Attention To Kamala Harris After The DebateFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta
2019-06-26Which Democrats Are Leading the 2020 Presidential Race?The New York TimesJasmine C. Lee, Annie Daniel, Rebecca Lieberman, Blacki Migliozzi And Alexander Burns
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2019-06-01Using Google Vision AI's Reverse Image Search To Richly Catalog Television NewsForbesKalev Leetaru
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2019-05-06One of my Saudi clients is dead. Another is living, but he could be next: Exiled lawyerUSA TodayTaha al-Hajji
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2019-04-16Buttigieg second most talked-about candidate on cable news shows: analysisThe HillJoe Concha
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2019-03-30Ocasio-Cortez responds to 'AOC sucks' chant: Trump just wants another woman to 'vilify'The HillMorgan Gstalter
2019-03-30MSNBC Keeps Mueller Story Alive, But the Public Is DoneReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-03-29Poll: Americans more likely to say Ocasio-Cortez is 'bad' than 'good' for DemocratsThe HillMatthew Sheffield
2019-03-29Why an anti-Ocasio-Cortez chant at a Trump rally was all but inevitableThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-03-29Do male candidates get more coverage than women? It’s complicated.VoxAnna North
2019-03-28A Public Record at Risk: The Dire State of News Archiving in the Digital AgeColumbia Journalism ReviewSharon Ringel & Angela Woodall
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2019-03-25How cable news covered the Mueller report this morningThe Washington PostAaron Williams, Lauren Tierney, Shelly Tan & Leslie Shapiro
2019-03-22Cable news has covered a dead senator more than living flood victimsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-03-21Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not the ‘second most talked-about politician in America’The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-03-21Data Show MSNBC Has Been Robert Mueller's Biggest FanReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-03-21Report Shows Cable Networks Cover Sanders, O’Rourke More Than Anyone ElseThe Epoch TimesBowen Xiao
2019-03-20Which Candidate Got The Most Kickoff Coverage?FiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta & Oliver Roeder
2019-03-20@BetoORourke is now well beyond the total first-week media attention for any other 2020 candidateTwitterG. Elliott Morris
2019-03-19Beto O’Rourke on track for 180% more 1st-week coverage than any1 elseTwitterG. Elliott Morris
2019-03-19Anti-Semitism Coverage Surges, With Fox Taking the LeadReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-03-18O'Rourke has already outpaced the TOTAL coverage for Gillibrand, Castro, Gabbard, Buttigieg, Hickenlooper and Inslee.TwitterG. Elliott Morris
2019-03-18Fox News may be driving skepticism about the Mueller investigationThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-03-17Even Fox News loves (talking about) BetoTwitterG. Elliott Morris
2019-03-15The smash success of ‘Captain Marvel’ shows us that conservatives are ignoring the alt-rightThe Washington PostBethany Lacina
2019-03-15R for Political Data Science Week 11: Beto O’Rourke is a Media SweetheartThe Cross TabG. Elliott Morris
2019-03-15Metaphoric gestures for numerical quantity and 1emotional valencein the TV News ArchiveUniversity of BirminghamGreeg Woodin
2019-03-09Cohen, Not Trump, Dominated Coverage Last MonthReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-03-07After a flurry of high-profile campaign launches, several Democratic candidates are still widely unknownThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-03-06Where a TV Pro Goes for Video When YouTube Just Won’t DoThe New York TimesLiz Day
2019-03-05Fox News Quietly Ditched Trump-Loving Sheriff David ClarkeThe Daily BeastMaxwell Tani & Asawin Suebsaeng
2019-03-05How Cable News Reacted To The Cohen HearingFiveThirtyEightDhrumil Mehta & Oliver Roeder
2019-03-05Report: Trump has a loyalty scale for Fox News hostsThe Washington PostErik Wemple
2019-03-04Fox News reportedly killed the Stormy Daniels story in 2016. It has played it down ever since.The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-03-02How Much Attention Is Collusion Really Getting?Real Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-02-21The debunking of Jussie Smollett has gotten more attention than his initial allegationThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-02-21AI Watching Television News: Deep Learning Meets A Week Of TelevisionGDELT BlogKalev Leetaru
2019-02-21CNN has really done it nowThe Washington PostErik Wemple
2019-02-21A federal election will be rerun because of fraud. Republicans aren’t talking about it much.The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-02-21The debunking of Jussie Smollett has gotten more attention than his initial allegationThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-02-20The Democrats attracting the most attention on Fox News? Warren, Harris — and Ocasio-Cortez.The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-02-20Fox News focuses on Ocasio-Cortez more than almost any 2020 DemocratAxios Rebecca Falconer
2019-02-15How Immigration Coverage Shifted From People to BarriersReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-02-14Identifying bias in cable newsMediumGeraldine Moriba
2019-02-11It Turns Out We've Been Concerned About Facebook's Privacy Since The BeginningForbesKalev Leetaru
2019-02-11Where Presidential Candidate Amy Klobuchar Stands On MarijuanaMarijuana MomentKyle Jaeger
2019-01-29Stossel: Super Bowl of WelfareReason MagazineJohn Stossel & Tanvir Toy
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2019-01-15Is Ocasio-Cortez's Media Star Already Losing Its Luster?Real Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2019-01-15On Fox, a lot more discussion of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than Steve KingThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2019-01-07Moving Beyond Social Media Towards News As "Big Data" In The Cloud EraForbesKalev Leetaru
2019-01-073 charts that show how Trump and Fox News made the shutdown about the borderVoxAlvin Chang
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2018-12-31The 135 times in 2018 that Trump specifically wanted us to know what was airing on Fox NewsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
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2018-11-20Semiotic space invasion: The case of Donald Trump’s US presidential campaignJournal of the International Association for Semiotic StudiesPeter Wignell, Kay O’Halloran and Sabine Tan
2018-11-19Cable news networks spend far more time talking about hurricanes than wildfiresThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-11-13CNN’s Zucker vs. Trump: How They Built Each Other Up and Want to Tear Each Other DownThe wrapJon Levine
2018-11-09The caravan has all but vanished from cable newsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-11-05Trump Administration Spares Corporate Wrongdoers Billions in PenaltiesThe New York TimesBen Protess, Robert Gebeloff & Danielle Ivory
2018-11-05The super typhoon American media forgotColumbia Journalism ReviewAnita Hofschneider
2018-11-05Kemp calls targets Abrams with false claims that she will "steal" election with undocumented votersCNNAndrew Kaczynski
2018-11-02Trump’s concern about loss of 'momentum’ seems as if it mostly means ‘TV coverage’The Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-10-31Data Show Trump Is Right About Mail Bomber CoverageReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2018-10-30The rumor caravan: From Twitter reply to disasterColumbia Journalism ReviewJonathan Albright
2018-10-26Trump is mad that the mail bombs are distracting people from his campaign rhetoricThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-10-25Fox News Tells Supreme Court to Reject TVEyes PetitionHollywood ReporterEriq Gardner
2018-10-22Down With the Year of the WomanThe New York TimesAmy Chozick
2018-10-22The Kavanaugh Confirmation Through the Eyes of TelevisionReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2018-10-17How Archivists Could Stop Deepfakes From Rewriting HistoryGizmodoMelanie Ehrenkranz
2018-10-15The Game of the Name: Media Bias and PresidentsReal Clear PoliticsKalev Leetaru
2018-10-10Trump’s abdication on the new climate change report is very on-brandThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-10-09Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American PoliticsBerkman Klein Center for Internet & SocietyYochai Benkler, Robert Faris & Hal Roberts
2018-10-09Longtime Archivists Outline What They've Learned From Watching Decades Of NewsNPREmily Siner
2018-10-07The Internet’s keepers? “Some call us hoarders—I like to say we’re archivists”ArsTechnicaNathan Mattise
2018-10-05Go for it, Brian KilmeadeThe Washington PostErik Wemple
2018-09-28Trump’s Misleading Boast on PremiumsFactCheck.orgLori Robertson
2018-09-27How cable news networks covered the Kavanaugh-Ford hearingThe Washington PostAaron Williams, Danielle Rindler, Chris Alcantara, Kevin Schaul & Kevin Uhrmacher
2018-09-23Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump and GOP want to cut Social Security. We should expand it instead.USA TodayBernie Sanders
2018-09-19Fox News won’t say Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is lying. They say she’s misremembering.VoxAlvin Chang
2018-09-18The pattern continues: Fox News spends far less time discussing Trump’s law-breaking alliesThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-09-18Matroid Sees $10 Million for DIY Image DetectionThe Wall Street JournalScott Martin
2018-09-18It's Reddit's turn: The 'front page of the internet' should be next to face CongressMashableMat Binder
2018-09-14Cable news coverage of approaching hurricanes is only sometimes out of whack with realityThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-09-11Trump’s 9/11 starts like any other day — with him mad at something he saw on FoxThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-08-20All the president’s WatergatesThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-08-17Omarosa's Trump book is a wonderful fairy tale. But the president's racism is not a revelation.NBC News: ThinkMichael Arceneaux
2018-08-12Omarosa embraces the defining tactic of this era: Revelation water tortureThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-08-09Laura Ingraham’s immigration comments are different words for the same Trump-era rhetoricThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-07-25Trump needs his alternate reality to survive — and he knows itVoxAlvin Chang
2018-07-23There are many rich minorities. So why are there no black Koch brothers?Center for Public IntegrityLateshia Beachum
2018-07-19Why evangelical voters support Trump’s policy on refugees — even though evangelical leaders objectThe Washington PostBrian Newman
2018-07-19People who say they aren’t following the Russia investigation are much more likely to approve of TrumpThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-07-19Why evangelical voters support Trump’s policy on refugees — even though evangelical leaders object.The Washington PostBrian Newman
2018-07-16Reporter asks Putin: Do you have compromising info on Trump?CNN
2018-07-11Nearly 2 years into the Trump presidency, Fox News is still obsessed with Hillary ClintonVoxAlvin Chang
2018-07-08MSNBC Does Not Merely Permit Fabrications Against Democratic Party Critics. It Encourages and Rewards Them.The InterceptGlenn Greenwald
2018-07-07Animal Farm, Pig Politics, and the Success of the Trump CampaignHilsborough St.MB
2018-07-06Raising questions about Amy Barrett's beliefs is not an anti-popery riotNational Catholic ReporterMichael Sean Winters
2018-07-01The big problem with the term “catch and release”SalonDina Radtke
2018-06-26The big problem with the term “catch and release”Media MattersDina Radtke
2018-06-26A quarter of Republicans voted for Trump to get Supreme Court picks — and it paid offThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-06-24Are the cable television networks ignoring Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign?MediumKent Kroeger
2018-06-20On Fox News, family separation at the border isn’t Trump’s fault. It’s Democrats’.VoxAlvin Chang
2018-06-18Paul Ryan has been living in a caveThe Washington PostDana Milbank
2018-06-15James Comey had an outsize effect on media coverage right before the 2016 electionThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-06-08Scott Pruitt is mired in scandals — but you wouldn’t know it from watching Fox NewsVoxAlvin Chang
2018-06-07Hannity’s phone-smashing rhetoric heads in a different directionThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-06-05On MSNBC, Hugh Hewitt defends an anti-LGBTQ hate group and doesn’t disclose it’s his major radio sponsorMedia MattersEric Hananoki
2018-06-01Here’s how much more cable and broadcast news talked about Roseanne than Puerto RicoThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-06-01How the media ignored Puerto Rico, in one chartVoxAlvin Chang
2018-05-312011 Interview Surfaces: Roseanne Barr Claimed Hitler Photo Shoot Was Burning Palestinians, Not JewsHill ReporterSteph Bazzle
2018-05-31Would The U.S. Withdraw Troops From South Korea?NPRTom Bowman
2018-05-30The stories Fox News covers obsessively — and those it ignores — in chartsVoxAlvin Chang
2018-05-30The Race for Media AttentionR PubsConnor Rothschild
2018-05-29#ShowUsYourMailers: Josh Butner Mailer Criticizes Campa-Najjar Statement On Travel BanKPBSJade Hindmon
2018-05-25Mick Mulvaney Is Having a Blast Running the Agency He DetestsBloombergDevin Leonard & Elizabeth Dexheimer
2018-05-12Quote of the Day: Republicans Have a “Nonwhite” ProblemMother JonesKevin Drum
2018-05-09Corrupt TV News Refuses to Say Nice Things About Donald TrumpMother JonesKevin Drum
2018-05-09What elected officials are talking about vs. what’s on cable newsThe Washington PostPhilip Bump
2018-05-09Now playing on Fox News: Nothing about the $500,000 payments to Michael CohenMarket WatchShawn Langlois
2018-05-08How Fox News has been ignoring the Stormy Daniels story, in 3 chartsVoxAlvin Chang
2018-05-08Proof That Fox News Has Been Suppressing the Stormy Daniels Story to Protect TrumpNews CorpseMark NC
2018-05-07Trump Isn’t Playing 3D Chess — He’s Playing Ultimate Tic-Tac-ToeFiveThirtyEightOliver Roeder
2018-05-06Giuliani and the FifthEpic JourneyJames Ceaser, Andrew Busch and John Pitney Jr.
2018-05-02Nurses Have a Prescription for the Democratic Party: Back Single PayerThe NationJohn Nichols
2018-04-21Obama bureaucracy left our private data more vulnerable than everNew York PostPaul Sperry
2018-04-20Deep State Dominoes Start To Fall As Investigations, Criminal Referrals & Comey Memos Open Up A Huge Can Of WormsAll News PipeLineSusan Duclos
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